When it comes to hairstyles, we always love to try different kinds of hair dos but would never seem to find the appropriate videos for them.

So here you go, we are making your task simpler by choosing the top 50 hairstyle video tutorials that you can try out. Go through the descriptions and make sure to checkout the hair styles videos.

1. Knotted Simple Hairstyle:

Hair Tutorial: Cute and Simple Braid Inspired Hairstyle

This is a simple and very easy to do hair style video to follow. Here you will require some elastic rubber bands. Brush out your hair thoroughly and take sections from both the sides. Take it back and tie it up with a rubber band. Take more sections from the side and do the same. Include the tails of the ponies to the sections which have already been made into a pony tail. Keep repeating with different sections. For a detailed explanation, watch the video. It’s an amazing tutorial. Hoping you will love it.

2. Romantic Bohemian Braid:


Hair Tutorial: Romantic Bohemian Braids

This is a simple braided hairstyle that you will love. You need to make two simple side braids at both the ends of your hair and then take them back making a clean garland braid by joining these two braids. For the rest of the hair, you can use a hair curler. Check out the video for a more definite illustration.

3. Spring Braided Flower Hair Tutorial:

Spring Braided Flower Hair Tutorial

This is an easy to do hairstyle if you have moderately long to medium length hair. You will need to give good twists to sections of hair from the two sides. While you twist them, you will have to roll them upwards and then pin them up constantly such that they don’t roll out. Now with the long tresses of hair left, do a normal braid. Stick the braid up and your hair style is done. You can add some accessories too. Check out the video for more illustrative description.

4. Easy Messy Up do Hair Tutorial:

This is an easy messy up do hairstyle and may remind you of Keira Knightly’s hairstyle in Pride and Prejudice. Very easy to achieve with your own hair too. You need a medium to small hair curler giving your tresses some curls and then putting it all up into a messy updo style. Watch the video for complete details.

5. Knotted Messy French Side Braid:

Knotted Messy Side Braid

This is an easy hairstyle tutorial. If you are a fan of braids, then this one is for you. You need to brush out your hair and sweep it to one side. This is a simple French braid but it comes with a few knots. You will just need your brush and elastic rubber bands for this one. You can also accessorize it with floral hair pins etc. Check out the video, it’s beautifully explained. May be you can try this on your next date.

6. Criss Cross Braid:

Criss Cross Braid

We have done simple normal braids till now. Now it’s time to learn something new and something traditional. This is a simple braid but it’s done in a criss-cross style. Just take two thin sections of hair and tie them around your rest of tresses in a criss cross style, then tie the elastic at the very end and that’s it! You can try this out too. Take a look into the video.

7. Easy Elegant Up Do Hairstyle:

Elegant Up-Do Hair Tutorial

This is an easy up do style which you can opt for wedding functions. It’s really very easy. You will need some clips and pins for this one. Make a pony at the center of the back of your head leaving sections at both the sides. Twist up the sections and clip them in. Later roll up the left out pony tail tress such that a bun is formed. Now clip and make the hair firm so that it doesn’t roll out. Use some floral hair accessories for an added look.

8. Easy Prom Hairstyle:

Pretty Prom-Ready Hair

This is an easy hairstyle requiring some simple hair accessories and a hair brush. You will need hair clips, bobby pins and elastic bands. You will also require your hair curler. Make two braids with sections from the side and leave out the rest of the hair at the back. Make a pony tail. Shift the pony to a side and then wrap the braids around like a hair band. Curl up your loose tresses and use hair elastics to tighten the hair. That’s it. Take a look at the video tutorial for a more vivid description. Use your floral accessories to adorn it.

9. Organic Pony Tail Hairstyle:

This is an easy and simple hairstyle. You need to know how to do twisting and knotting of the hair and you are done. It’s is very simple and easy to do. Will just take a few minutes. If your hair is curled already then it adds much glam to the hairstyle. Take a look at the video.

10. Cinnamon Bun Hairstyle:

Cinnamon Bun Hair Tutorial

This is a twisted and knotted bun hairstyle. Something like a conch shell hairstyle but easy to do with different sections of twisted and wrapped pony. Take a look at the video tutorial for more details.

11. Braided Wrap Around Pony Hairstyle:

Braided Wrap-Around Ponytail

This is another very easy to do hairstyle. You will require some elastic rubber bands. Now make a pony tail and then take a section from it, make a braid and just wrap it around. Use a clip or a bobby pin or just a rubber band to secure it. That’s it! Check the video too.

12. Easy Waves:

Easy Everyday Waves

You can make everyday waves easily with a big barrel curler. Tie them up or leave them loose, it’s your choice. Take a look at the video.

13. Colorful Fishtail Braid:

Summer Fishtail Braid

This is a very easy summer fishtail braid tutorial and it is so colourful that you will definitely love the look. You will need some elastic bands and some colourful yarns of varying thickness. You can knot those into inner sections of your hair and then make a nice thick braid. The girl in the video is using false hair extensions to thicken the hair and to get required length and volume. You can do the same. Try out the video!

14. Twisted Side Pony Tail:

Twisted Side Ponytail

This is a nice twisted side pony tail hair tutorial which can be easily achieved with some twists and then a side pony tail. Do not forget to fix and firm the twisted hair properly otherwise it may come off. Check the video out.

15. How to Do a 5 Strand Braid:

How To: Five (5) Strand Braid

This is an easy hairstyle where you follow normal procedure of making a braid but by using 5 sections of hair. Hope you like the video.

16. Normal Fish Tail Braid:

How To Do The Perfect Fishtail Braid Hairstyle – Tutorial & Tips

If you have been seeking a normal fishtail braid tutorial, then search no further. Just check out this awesome video.

17. French Twist Hair:

How To Do The Perfect French Twist Hairstyle – Tutorial & Tips

This is an easy to do French twist. You can try this too. It will require normal hair pins and clips. Check out the video and try it for work or college.

18. Criss Cross Pony Tail Hairstyle:

Crisscross “Ponytail” Hairstyle

This is an easy to do amazing pony tail hairstyle. You will require clipping and some elastic bands. Check out the tutorial, you will love it.

19. Valentine’s Day Half Up Braided Tutorial:

Valentine’s Day Half Up Braided Hairstyle

A simple two braid wrap over the head tutorial with nice use of curling for the rest of the hair. Check out this super easy tutorial.

20. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle:

Simple Twisted Side Hairstyle That You Can Do in Less Than 2 Minutes

You will need a hair straightener and curler, plus some elastic bands for this hairstyle. A thickening paddle brush is important and if you cannot manage this, then go for a small bump. They will solve the issue. Bangs are also important for this hairstyle. Check out the video.

21. Celebrity Style Pinned Hair:

Celebrity Side Pinned Hairstyle

This is a sweet and simple stylish pinning hairstyle. You will however need a hair curler for the cute look in this hairstyle. You will also need some big pins for the pining work. Check out this video and learn the steps for this nice hairstyle. It’s really easy.

22. Romantic Pony Tail Hairstyle:

Romantic Ponytail Hairstyle

This is an easy and cute pony tail hairstyle that you can try making use of just some bobby pins, hair elastic, a curling iron and a hair fixing spray. Easy to do and sport, almost like a side low pony tail with some twists on the side. Check out the video.

23. Wrapped Half Up Half Down Pony:

Wrapped Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

A simple double sectioning pony tail made with twists.  It’s an amazing hairstyle that you can try. A must watch Video Tutorial. You will fall in love with this easy hairstyle. Don’t worry if you don’t have thick hair, you can use clips on hair extensions which can give you the required length and volume.

24. Romantic Summer Hairstyle:

Romantic Summer Hairstyle

This is a fun hairstyle tutorial and almost like a knotted pony tail hairstyle. You will just have to do some twisting and clipping of sections of hair above your lower section of pony tail. Next fix up some floral hair accessories. Check this video out.

25. Sectioned Pony Tail:

An easy to do vibrant looking hairstyle. If you are a pony tail fan, you should try this hairstyle. Make 2 sections of pony tail and then tie them to the 3rd section. Try the video out. You will love how simply it is done.

26. Easy Everyday Up Do Hairstyle:

Easy Everyday Updo

Check out this easy twisted and rolled up chignon style hairstyle.

27. Back To School Hairstyles:

How To Do A Puff With Side Braids Hairstyle – Tutorial & Tips

Here are 4 back to school hairstyles selected by us. Check out the video and try all of them.

28. Pony Tail Creation With Hair Extensions:

Sleek High Ponytail Using Extensions

Here is a tutorial on how to make a lovely hair tutorial with the use of false hair extensions. Check out the video and the process of doing an elegant pony tail.

29. How To Create A Perfect Low Bun Hairstyle:

Elegant Low Bun Hairstyle To Try This Summer

This is a nice tutorial on how to get a nice elegant party style low bun hairstyle. Check it out. Great for the summers.

30. Looped Side Pony Tail:

Simple Looped Side Ponytail

This is different from other types of pony tail hair tutorials that you have seen so far. It is a bit of a wrap around pony tail but it has twists at the part where there should be wrapping. Try it with this step by step Video tutorial.

31. Cute Summer Half Up Half Down Tutorial:

Cute Summer Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

You can try this messy form of summer hairstyle tutorial as the summers are here. This can be great for an evening party too. Check this video out.

32. On A Date Hairstyle:

Valentine’s Day Hair Tutorial

If you have a date then, you need to sport a cute and sexy hairstyle. Check this simple and sweet video out. A date hair seems incomplete without some sweet curls. So do not forget your curling iron.

33. Celtic Knotted Hairstyle:

Celtic Heart Knot Half-Up Half-Down Organic Hairstyle

This is a different kind of knotted hairstyle. It is in the form of a heart. You can try this cute hairstyle. If you have thin hair, use hair extensions for added volume. Check out this video for detailed description.

34. Twisted Pony Tail Hairstyle:

How To Do The Perfect Knotted Ponytail Hairstyle – Tutorial & Tips

Pony tails are very common everyday hairstyles. But this is a bit different. Check out the video.

35. Corset Hair:

How To: Corset Hair

This is a new form of hairstyle. You have come across corsets in your dress sections. Now see this corset hairstyle.

36. French Braid Hair Tutorial:

How To: Basic French Braid

This is a classic French braid hair tutorial. If you still have been searching for one step by step tutorial for French braid then your search ends here. Check the video.

37. Sexy Curly Hair:

How To: Sexy Curls Hair Tutorial

Want a on video for getting those sexy curly locks? Try this video.

38. Waterfall Braid Tutorial:

How To: French Waterfall Braid

This is a classic waterfall braid tutorial with a step by step explanation. Check this video out. This could be a nice hairstyle for party or prom too.

39. Braid With 4 Sections:

How To: Four (4) Strand Braid Hairstyle

If you still haven’t given your ordinary braid some new fashion tricks, then try out this hairstyle tutorial. It will teach you how to do a 4 sectioned braid.

40. Fall Hairstyle:

Sleek & Sexy Fall Hairstyle

A sleek fall pony tail hairstyle, something like Deepika Padukone’s Om Shanti Om retro look, which you have always wanted, is shown vividly in this video. Check it out.

41. Curly Girly Part Hairstyle:

Elegant Party Hair

Some accessories and curls can always be your friend for your party hairstyle. Check this hairstyle out.

42. Bangs And How To Style Them:

How To Style Side Bangs

This video explains vividly how you can style your bangs differently and get a new hairstyle easily. Check it out.

43. Twisted Waterfall Hairstyle:

Twisted Waterfall Hairstyle

Here is a twisted and easy to do waterfall hairstyle tutorial. You must be worried when you hear the name “waterfall” but this video explains it in detail. So check it out and try it!

44. Easy Messy Bun Hairstyle:

Quick Summer Hairstyle: Twisted Messy Bun

Bun hairstyles are perfect for summers. You can try out this easy messy bun hairstyle tutorial without looking messed up. Check out the video.

45. Simple Braided Summer Hair:

Simple, Braided Summer Hair

This is a lovely and easy summer braided hairstyle tutorial. You will love it on your hair. Try out the step by step process on your own hair.

46. Greek Goddess Hairstyle:

Greek Goddess Inspired Spring Hair

This is a super cool looking hairstyle which you can try out by following the detailing in the video. Check it out. If you have less volume of hair, or length, then try out hair extensions but this is a must try hairstyle. You can be the talk of the town easily.

47. Simple Straight Hairstyle With Volume:

How To: Straight Hair with Volume

When you straighten your hair to get a sleek sexy look, you often end up looking limp and flat. You can try this video tutorial to know how to get sleek hair without running thin on volume.

48. Retro Side Pony:

Retro Side Pony Tail

Sometimes being retro can be a total classic style. Try out this retro side low rung pony. It’s beautifully explained in the video.

49. Layered Around Hairstyle:

Layered Twist Around Hairstyle

This is a simple but creative hairstyle which you can try out. This requires length and volume, so you may use false hair clip-on extensions for this one. Check out the video.

50. Dutch Braid Up Do Hair Tutorial:

Dutch Braid Up-Do Hair Tutorial

We are crazy about French braids, but why should the Dutch braid be left behind? Try out this easy and step by step amazing looking Dutch up do hairstyle. You will definitely need long and thick hair for this but you can also use false hair extensions too. Check out the video.

Hope you enjoyed our video tutorials for 50 amazing hairstyles. Which is your favourite of the lot?